Multimedia Artist - Billy McDaniel

Billy McDaniel at Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas

Currently residing in Las Vegas, Billy McDaniel is a freelancing multimedia artist with many talents from several fields of creative arts. Billy has been a professional website developer and graphics artist since the 90's and a working-class music entertainer since the 80's. In recent years, a photographer, magician, and even a published author!

I've always known that I'd end up an artist someday. I was just never sure exactly which art I'd pursue. I started with music, and gradually expanded my horizons with website design, graphic composition, creative writing, and then later on I took up photography and even magic.
This web page serves as a hub for Billy's various fields of interest. You could think of it as a sort of Blog, where you'll find personal stories and experiences from each creative field. Friends, Fans, Clients and Competitors are all welcome here. Whatever your interest, my life is an open book. :)